Momentum is building behind the Mayor’s vision for Old Oak Common and Cargiant has made significant progress on its evolving plans for their 46-acre site, building stronger links with local communities after 35 years at its heart.

We had our first consultation introducing the site in December 2014, and then consulted on our four key priorities and approach to Old Oak Park in June 2015, before presenting our evolving masterplan in January 2016. At every stage developing the proposal as further and responding to feedback.

In July 2016 we unveiled our more detailed view of the site, launching new CGI’s and our first model of the proposals, demonstrating how we envisage this new part of London.

We want to continue to work closely with local communities and representatives to bring forward our proposals and ensure that they benefit from the transformation of the areas around us.

In addition to the public exhibitions we have also been engaging with local communities in a number of other ways:

  • On-going meetings, workshops and site tours with local organisations, representatives, businesses and community groups
  • Working with local schools to engage young people in the future of the area
  • Pop-up exhibitions and discussions at busy local events and transport hubs

Throughout our consultation to date we have worked closely with the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham and other neighbouring local authorities. We are also working with the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation to build close links with local communities and to develop a Community Charter which will set the tone for engagement throughout the project. The Corporation will have representatives of the local communities on their board and we look forward to working alongside them as plans develop.

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